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Adam Goral // 202.247.8596 // Los Angeles, CA

August 15th, 2018 — THE KID screened at the Hollyshorts Film Festival last night at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. It was a fantastic screening with a block of other action films produced by equally passionate filmmakers. Thanks to our director Nick Wenger for inviting me out!


My latest demo reel showing narrative and commercial work.

1920's Chicago. Jake wants his stolen booze back and this Sax Player has something to do with it.

A violent and funny forbidden love story set in the heart of the Rust Belt.

Presents the 2017 NFL Rookie Premiere

R.E.V. Air – Elevate your game. RC Cars vs. Drones! This commercial spot was too much fun to ...

As Shelby and Asa run through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, battered and exhausted, a group of nefarious men chase them in pursuit of something both highly valuable and extremely dangerous.

Martin drinks some of the gang's mushroom tea and tries to relax before his consciousness is ripped to shreds.

The gang catches up with Aaron, the only guy who never joined Facebook.

Checking your tread levels at the 2017 NFL Rookie Premiere

The story of the first murder investigation solved using fingerprinting to positively identify a suspect in 1890's Argentina.

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